Conceptual Design

Developing design concept for the site

Conceptual Design

Phase Targets

  • Examining best ways to utilize the site potential.
  • Developing design concept for the site.
  • Preparing a presentation base for “Road Show”.
  • Supplying area calculations and rough cost estimates for a feasibility study.

Working Process

  • Collection of background materials – Maps, topographic maps, photos, market research, infrastructure study or any other data requested by the architects.
  • Finalizing quantitative and qualitative program for the site, coordinated with the developer, the marketing team and the local consultants.
  • Developing conceptual alternatives, analyzing them, choosing alternatives and presenting layouts.
  • Developing and presenting the chosen alternative – typical floor layout, conceptual section, 3D illustration study.

Phase Documents

  • Typical floor layouts – Scale 1:1000, 1:500
  • Typical sections – Scale 1:500, 1:250
  • Artist impression or preliminary 3D computer illustration.
  • A written report presenting concept and quantitative data..
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