Shaham 30 – Petach Tikva

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Shaham 30 – Petach Tikva

A new office building will be established next to the Yachin Center in Ramat Siv, Petach Tikva.

Over the past few years the area has developed as a residential and zone. During the day, employees frequent the the restaurants and cafés and during the evening the whole area turns into a vibrant urban hub.

For this reason, the ground floor and the first floor will house cafés, restaurants and galleries. The second to fifth floors will house offices.

Shacham St. benefits from access to several major roads, Road 4, Derech Rabin, Zabotinsky St. and “Macabit” Rd.


Ramat siv Ltd




Petach Tikva, Israel

More Info

Plot area: 2,620 sqm
Retail and Exhibition area:
2,547 sqm
Offices: 4,425 sqm
Parking Area: 4743 sqm


Commercial, Mixed Use, Offices

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