Rav Mecher Talpiot

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Rav Mecher Talpiot

The “Talpiyot” hypermall was built some 20 years ago as a commercial center. The building holds seven cinema halls owned by the “Rav-chen” chain and additional businesses. As time passed, due to negligence and the desertion of some of the tenants, an overall restoration of the building was essential.

Within the renovation a new entrance was planned, the retail area was enlarged in place of the too wide passageway, and a commercial façade was opened toward the existing parking lot. The building is now defined as a shopping and entertainment center and was successfully leased to new tenants.


Auto Chen




Jerusalem, Israel

More Info

Plot area:3,200 m2
Usage: Retail & Entertainment
Retail area:6,000 m2
No. of parkings: 300



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