Ra’anana Business Park

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Ra’anana Business Park

Ra’anana Business Park is located in an industrial zone adjacent to “Ra’anana North” junction on national road no. 4. The business park consists of two radial 6 storey buildings, and a tower of 16 floors around a central green court. The project has a good exposure from the main national road.

The buildings are planed in such way to allow marketing as a compound, building by building, or floor by floor, and also as subdivisions for small tenants.

Three underground basements provide parking solution for the project as well as public enities and services.


Deal Developments Ltd.




Ra'anana, Israel

More Info

Built area, phase A:
9,975 sqm
Built area, phase B:
19,950 sqm
Built area, phase C:
39,850 sqm
Basement area:
37,020 sqm
No. of parking places:
1020 places


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