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City Park

A new shopping, leisure and recreation center will be established on the eastern edge of Be’er Sheva, at the intersection of two main roads: Road 40 to Eilat and Road 60 to Lehavim and Omer.

The center will offer both an “oasis in the desert” for tourists travelling to Eilat and an important resource for local inhabitants.

An amusement park on the roof of the building will provide a regional attraction. In addition to the wide variety of shops along the avenues, the central space of the center will have cafés and restaurants, and will host farmers’ markets, street and theater performances, musical events and so forth.


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Hativat Hanegev & intersection , Israel

More Info

Plot area: 56,943 sqm
Main usage:
Retail, recreation and leisure
Retail area:20,960 sqm
No. of parking:1000 places


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