Amosova, Kiev – Redstone

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Amosova, Kiev – Redstone

The Amosova project is located in Solomensky district of Kiev,in between Protasova Yar st. and Amosova st. The site location on the highest level in the city, enables beautiful landscape views. The site’s proximity to a railway station, and a main road (Protasova Yar) makes it very accesible to the public.

The high quality surroundings and landscape, enables to develop a project that will consist of a mix of uses such as: Offices, Retail, Show Rooms, Residential and Hotel. Its favourable setting combined with a unique and modern design may well turn the project into an important destination in the city of Kiev.






Kiev, Ukraine

More Info

Plot area: 7,000 sqm
Offices: 38,200 sqm
Hotel: 20,800 sqm
Retail: 6,200 sqm
Parking: 23,000 sqm
Total area: 88,200 sqm
Parking places: 720


Commercial, Mixed Use, Offices

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